Value quote of the week

Value Quote of The Week: Be Prepared

“It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.”

-Whitney M. Young, Jr.

Sometimes we lose out on a lot of great opportunities, not because of bad luck or “forces from the village” but because they came and we weren’t ready for them. The period of waiting and hoping is not meant to be passive. It’s meant for building capacity, planning and strategic positioning to seize that opportunity whenever it comes.

     During the panel discussion at an event I attended recently, something interesting happened. In the middle of the pretty intense conversation, the host called out a member of the audience to join the panelists on stage and contribute to the topic. This person was not expecting it but she went up and guess what? She killed it!  It would have been embarrassing to go up and not have anything intelligent to say, especially someone who has always wanted to talk about her passion in public.

     The whole point is, it’s not enough to pray and wish for something, even if it seems like it won’t come anytime soon, be prepared, gather the necessary knowledge, skills and tools so that when it eventually comes, you are set and ready for it.

     Remember, luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Be prepared!


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