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Value quote of the week

Value Quote of The Week: Add Value

” Consider becoming the type of energy that no matter where you go, or where you are, you always add value to the spaces and lives of those around you.”
– Anonymous

     Adding value means contributing positively and improving people, situations and places so that on account of having been around you or your work, they are the better for it.

This could be through good contributions to conversations, sharing timely and helpful information, encouraging, challenging and inspiring others with your words, actions and/or lifestyle. Sometimes just connecting two people who need to meet and collaborate, lending a listening ear, mentoring newbies, supporting others go a long way.

Other simple stuff like dropping your trash in the right place, rearranging an area whether or not you were the one who disorganized it, helping that kid out with her homework, providing excellent customer service, volunteering, etc, are some ways of adding value to others and the environment.
When you have skills and knowledge that are useful to others and you put it to good use anywhere you are, you are adding value. For me, volunteering, blogging and learning to save lives as a Biomedical laboratory scientist are some ways I try to add value.

So as you go about your everyday life, seek to improve yourself and always have the mindset to leave people and places better than you met them by adding value always.

Enjoy the week!

-The Value Adder™


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