Break it down
Value quote of the week

Value Quote of the Week : Break it down

” If you are overwhelmed by the size of a problem, break it down into smaller pieces “
– Chuck Close

     When trying to solve a problem, meet a goal or handle a task, it’s common to get overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenge, making it seemingly difficult to tackle it. Perhaps this is because most of us are conditioned to always see the problem or task as a whole big picture, rather than the component parts that form it. This often leads to over stressing, stagnancy and/or procrastination.

     A better approach to solving problems and meeting goals is to change your perspective and break them into smaller pieces or tasks that can be analyzed and handled bit by bit. From there, strategic action plans can be drawn and practical steps taken to get the job done.

This way, you can decide what the root problem is, determine priorities, schedule tasks, tackle it with confidence and move on to the next one rather than getting stuck at a point.

No problem is really just one thing in itself, understanding and breaking it down into smaller chunks makes for effective problem-solving.

Enjoy the week!

-The Value Adder™


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