Have something to say?

Have something to say?

     This is the often overlooked question that awaits me everytime I open my Writer Plus app to draft and edit posts, or to jot random notes. Today, as I, just like I’ve been doing all week, stared at my screen for what seemed like hours, watching the cursor blink repeatedly as I tried hard to cook up a new post, I found myself seriously contemplating this question.

Have something to say?
Have something to say?

     Typically, I would have answered yes. However, right now, there seems to be nothing appropriate or apt enough to say or write despite having my mind full of possible ideas, and it just doesn’t seem like the right time to share some previous drafts thus, the answer would have to be a no.


     In general terms, I believe we’ve all been under the pressure at some point or the other to have something to say. A witty statement, an interesting fact, a deep and hmmm-inspiring quote, an apt answer, the most perfect and savage clap-back, a timely and traffic-pulling blog post, etc. Even the best conversationalists sometimes have to deal with this because despite asking the right questions and fleshing out answers, the awkward moments of uncomfortable silence manage to creep in and the pressure mounts.

     But then, it doesn’t always have to be so. Not having something to say is perfectly OK sometimes. I’ve learnt from observing a friend that you don’t have to always have all the answers or have something to say all the time. Plus, in trying to always fill in the silence or just talk, one could end up saying the wrong things and looking foolish. I still cringe whenever I remember some faux pas I’ve committed in the past from talking when I really had nothing to say.

 This is all well and good except during an interview or viva exam of course. In this case, just disregard my above statement. Please, you must prepare well and try to have something to say o, be it from memory, intuition, residual knowledge or wherever, just say something as sensible as possible. All the best!!

     As much as it’s very good to contribute and say something, it might be better in some cases to just say little or nothing, especially when you really have nothing to say concerning the topic at hand. Listen to and watch others, ask leading questions and contemplate on the new knowledge gained.

So, from now on,  I’ve decided to take my own advice and let go of unnecessary pressure to always have something to say. When necessary, I’ll just sit back and settle my headspace, listen to myself and others more, observe and learn a lot so that maybe, the next time this question comes up, I’ll have something to say.

     For now, I put it to you: Have something to say?

  • What do you do when you don’t have something to say or write?
  • How do you deal with awkward silences?
  • Ever embarrassed yourself with what you said before?

Do share in the comments below. Thanks!

-The Value Adder™


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