Value quote of the week

Value Quote of the Week : Retreat and Refresh 

 “Certain battles were won by retreating. ” 

~ Eoin Colfer

      Feeling tired, stuck in a rut and burnt out? Does it seem like things are not working out as before? Maybe just what you need is a retreat.      

    Retreating in this context does not mean giving up in surrender but rather, taking a short break from the hustle and bustle to evaluate things, replan and then come back refreshed and better. 

     Sometimes you need to step back to view things from a new perspective, evaluate current methods and patterns objectively, identify what works and what doesn’t, exchange ideas with like minds, re-strategize and revamp your game plan for improvement, get much needed rest and refresh yourself for optimal performance.

     This is also applicable to personal life. Some time of solitude and truthful evaluation might be what you need to make important lifestyle changes towards improvement in all areas. 

     By the time you step back in, you will be all pumped and better, brimming with better and improved ideas and ready to deliver more effectively and efficiently. 

Have an awesome week and a happy new month ahead! 

 – The Value Adder™

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