Survived A Robbery and I'm back

Survived a robbery and I’m back!!!

….. It’s been a while but I’m finally here, I just wanna testify, make it crys….

OK, enough of Beyoncé, let me go straight to why I’m here: to apologize and give reasons for my week-long hiatus. You would have noticed that there was no mid-week post last week and no value quote of the week this Sunday either. Since I invited you into my space, I feel I should let you in on why I’ve been away. So here’s the gist…

Last week Sunday, I got attacked and robbed (I made mention of this briefly on my IG page some days ago here). The thief made away with my bag which contained my phones and other personal items. I’m so angry because the incident kept replaying in my head and there were many defensive moves I could have made while we were struggling, but then, it’s difficult to remember stuff like that when you just had your glasses slapped off your face and you are being beaten with a cutlass. At some point, I realized the guy was very desperate and could finish me off so I just let go, life’s more important abeg.

What made it a tad bit hilarious was that I literally got my wig snatched, lol. You see, as he pulled the bag, he pulled my wig along by mistake and didn’t even stop to check, just kept going like that. To think I spent hours making it and was planning to pack it up last week anyway, but now it’s gone. As a tribute, I’ll just post this pic and console myself *sniffles*

The Value Adder

Afterwards, I couldn’t even cry, I just kept thinking of the stuff on my phones: books, contacts, school slides, post drafts, jottings, my music, pictures, etc. Anyway, I managed to draft and post a value quote the next morning with a crappy phone I was using before I got a new one.

Then, the week got busy and very stressful for me, visits to the police station to give reports and submit receipts, the clinic for tests and anti-tetanus shot, network offices to retrieve my phone lines plus I was swallowing painkillers day and night for a week to dull the pain from my swollen hand and cuts which thankfully, were not that deep. So I didn’t have time and much energy to write from scratch and even if I did, I wouldn’t have been able to publish anyway since the phone started acting up (which is why I dropped it in the first place).

But as often said, thank God for life. The probability of getting my items back is very low (in fact, that would be a miracle), but I’ve gotten my vibes back with the aid of my people who have been really concerned and supportive. Surprisingly, so many me too stories, weird jokes and laughter have come out of this incident. I really have the best people.

Moreover, this could just be the nudge I need to revive my fitness journey and throw in some self-defense training while at it since a friend offered. Of course, in case of any other occurrence (I hope not, but still…), I’ll apply sense to know when to fight back and when to have a dialogue with my legs. After all, wisdom is profitable to direct, lol.

Thankfully, my phone decided to be nice to me again (as we’ve come a long way together), so I can post from it for now, howbeit more difficult and time-consuming. I hope to get a better one soon enough. However it goes, be rest assured that I’m back and better. Yass!!!

What to do after a robbery

What to do after a robbery

A lot of people know this already, but then, helpful information is never too much so, here are a few tips:

1. Don’t go after the thief: Especially if he/she is harmed and you are defenseless because things can get uglier pretty fast. In my case, I tried for a moment and he swung back in full force with his cutlass, I had to recoil quickly before he relieves me of my head. Leave the scene as soon as possible or lock up if it took place indoors, just in case he/she comes back or there are others lurking around. As I stated earlier, life is more important.
2. Secure your accounts : Notify your bank immediately, block sim and atm cards if need be and try to log out and change passwords of social media and email accounts. You might need a friend’s phone or a laptop to do this, but it’s worth the stress just in case your phone gets hacked into so as to prevent your accounts from being hijacked for malicious use.
3. Inform necessary people: Such as family, friends, colleagues, clients, etc, in case they try to contact you and can’t get through. Also, try to retrieve your contact numbers as soon as possible if your phone got stolen so you don’t miss important things and lose too much.

So, there it is folks. I hope I’ve been forgiven. Please drop your comments down below and do like, share and subscribe if you haven’t. Thanks for reading and remember to be careful out there. Love always,
– The Value Adder™


33 thoughts on “Survived a robbery and I’m back!!!”

  1. Wow. I’m so sorry you had to go through this. I’m glad you made it out safe and are strong enough to write this now.

    About the wig; it looks beautiful and if you made that, the next one will be better.

    Thanks for your optimism, upbeatness and trying to be helpful still.

    I’ve had value added.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my. Sorry you had to go through this ordeal. I’m really glad you have sprung back really fast and really well.
    Some really funny lines though…. “dialogue with my legs” etc.. u wee not crack my ribs o.


  3. Congrats on your comeback.
    I hear tales of survival:
    Of someone’s consequent breakdown,
    And typical stranger-phobia.
    No one runs on auto-correct.
    Every comeback is a breakthrough.
    The psychotrauma you’re healing from is the value adder.
    Your testimony is the added value
    Well appreciated.
    Another congrats.


  4. Oh my!!!
    Am really sorry for your ordeal….thank God no serious damage was done.
    You have always had beautiful wigs am very sure you would get a more beautiful one next…..
    Was thinking about your phone acting up,but really that phone of your is what we call legendary….am also sure you would get a better one …..
    Truly dear you are a value added..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mr Presido! That phone is epic I swear.. I think it might have been a Nokia phone in the last life. Anyway, God can use you for the phone provision o. 😁. Thanks a lot, I appreciate this


  5. Was so scared when I was told about the incident but thank God devil didn’t steal your Joy, It’s a Restoration Season for all your loss. Really happy you’re back and stronger, Stay Blessed.


  6. Was so scared when I was told about the incident but thank God devil didn’t steal your Joy, It’s a Restoration Season for all your loss. Really happy you’re back and stronger, Stay Blessed.


  7. Hey girl!! Are you okay now?? Hope the cuts don’t hurt so bad anymore?? I’m sorry you had to go through this but you’re a real life wonder woman and you just inspired me. PS. I’m down for self defence classes anytime. We should go boxing sometime💪💪


    1. Yass! 💪 💪 I will definitely notify you. Boxing sounds like a good idea and you seem quite good at it from your pictures, so you must put me through biko. And I’m very much OK now. Thanks for dropping by 😁


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