Trust the process
Value quote of the week

Value Quote of the Week: Trust The Process

“What we are waiting for is not as important as what happens to us while we are waiting . Trust the process.”
~ Mandy Hale

     Your end goal (final outcome) is important, but the process of reaching that goal is equally, or even sometimes, more important. It feels good to visualize and weave fantasies around the end result, the glorious uprise, the awards, the euphoria when you finally achieve, but the problem comes when it’s time to actually do the work to reach that goal. That’s when you realize you might just have been in love with the idea of the goal and not the goal itself. Starting is not the difficult part, but committing to, and trusting the process of becoming is the real deal.

Trusting the process means sticking to the plan even through the doubts and challenges, controlling what you can and working around what you can’t.

It also means enjoying the journey in between. Don’t get so obsessed with the end that you miss out on what you should have gained along the way like lessons, experiences, people, knowledge, patience, skills, confidence, strength, etc. Even if the outcome isn’t as expected, you know you didn’t lose because you were there every step of the way, building and learning, getting better and prepared for the next task. Don’t let anxiety over the outcome rob you of this.

This week, remember to hold the vision and trust the process.
– The Value Adder™


2 thoughts on “Value Quote of the Week: Trust The Process”

  1. This reminds me of a pageant I participated in. I didn’t win, but I wasn’t sad… I realized that I was happy because I liked doing stuff like that, playing dress up and challenging myself once in a while…and I learnt things and pushed myself.. The stress too was there but I didn’t regret participating.
    I didn’t win, but I loved the process.
    Trust the process ♥️

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    1. That’s the spirit! I’m glad you enjoyed the challenging process. Quite similar to mine, I was part of a hackathon recently and my team came in 3rd. Surprisingly I didn’t feel so bad because I gained a lot… Like lots and lots of great stuff during the training and pitching process which I can apply to subsequent ones and even life generally. Each experience makes us better. Thanks! 💕💕

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